PetVet is Sri Lanka’s First and Only Cat Friendly Clinic

It is a truth universally acknowledged that cats are sensitive creatures who don’t travel well, are unnerved by new sights, sounds and smells, and generally get anxious around other unfamiliar animals. How, then, do we as cat owners manage this, particularly when it is time for the all important visit to the vet?

PetVet is the first Sri Lankan veterinary practice to obtain the Cat Friendly Clinic certification. This certification means we are able to provide a stress-free environment for cats to visit when getting their regular health check-ups.

A Cat Friendly Clinic gives you peace of mind and reassurance, letting you know that:

The clinic has achieved certain minimum accreditation standards.

The clinic and clinic staff have thought about the specific needs of cats.

The staff will be happy to talk with you, show you what they do, and show you around the clinic.

The staff will explain your cat’s treatment and recovery clearly and sensitively so that you have a full understanding of what is going on.

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