Advanced Anesthesia

When absolutely required, PetVet will suggest companion animals undergo surgery. Our experience, both as pet owners and clinicians, has taught us that suggesting it, even as a last resort, is met with some degree of reluctance. Such concerns are legitimate; older, injectable anaesthetics come with some risk, even though such risks can be minimized.

To address such concerns, PetVet uses gas anesthesia (known as inhalant anaesthesia) for all surgical procedures. Inhalant anesthesia is safer for many reasons:

  • There is a breathing tube going directly into the animal’s lungs, carrying oxygen throughout, ensuring that your pet has a continuous air supply
  • The gas anaesthetic, which is mixed into this air supply, rapidly enters the pet providing quick comfortable sleep
  • It ensures precise control
  • The gas can be rapidly removed from the body as soon as it is turned off, allowing for immediate recovery

Inhalant anesthetic is comparatively more expensive but, as pet owners ourselves, we believe it is the best course of action because it places a high degree of importance on pet safety and comfort.

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