Equine Services

Equine animals, i.e. horses, ponies and donkeys, require specialised veterinary care. At PetVet, our equine veterinarians have qualified and trained to provide the specific care required for all equine animals.

PetVet is set up to provide the ambulatory veterinary services required to diagnose and treat these beautiful animals across the island, complemented by clinical facilities. We are dedicated to affording quality care to equine patients and are here to help prevent and cure your horses, ponies and donkeys of any ailments.

We provide the following specialised services for equines:

    • Pre-purchase examinations
      Purchasing an equine is an expensive endeavour. As such we offer comprehensive services to vet animals for both performance and leisure purposes, prior to purchase. Our experienced clinicians will evaluate the animal’s overall body condition, examine for signs of injury, surgery or lameness, conduct an eye examination and listen to the heart and lungs to assess potential respiratory trouble.
    • Reproduction services
      Our expert equine veterinarians have experience providing reproductive services such as fertility assessments, menstrual cycle evaluations, pregnancy monitoring and examination of newborn foals.
    • Minor and elective surgery
      PetVet offers surgery procedures such as castration, cryptorchid correction and eye surgery as well as wound and laceration repairs. Our highly qualified equine veterinarians and nurses are trained in international best practices and only utilise modern sedatives and medications to ensure the safety and comfort of your animal.
    • 24 hour Emergency Service
      You can’t predict when an animal gets sick and requires the immediate care of a doctor. It doesn’t necessarily take place during normal clinic hours. Thus PetVet’s equine veterinarians are on call 24 hours a day, all days of the year, whether they are weekends or mercantile holidays.
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