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Dental pain can be as uncomfortable and painful for animals as it would be for us humans.

Pet Vet is a pioneer in animal dentistry, and have strived from the outset to highlight its importance to overall quality of an animal’s life. We encourage our customers to bring their companion animals in for regular annual check-ups to ensure their dental health isn’t ignored.

Some animals can get oral disease as early as the second year of their lives. If you suspect a problem, it’s best to be proactive and bring your animal family member for a checkup at the earliest.

Regular and proactive dental hygiene and care of animal companions can make a massive difference in ensuring strong teeth – avoiding tooth extraction procedures much later in their lives. More importantly, their quality of life will be very positive and pain-free.

After an examination, Pet Vet’s doctors may recommend a dental cleaning/scaling for your pet. Anesthesia and pain medications are used for dental procedures. If dental disease is severe, we will recommend treatment, which may include tooth extraction.

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