5 Reasons Why Pet Grooming is Important

At PetVet Sri Lanka, we offer professional grooming services for your furry friends. Is pet grooming really that important? Let’s find out.

When it comes to grooming our pets, a lot of us think it’s all about aesthetics. In fact, pet grooming is a lot more than letting your dog or puppy get a haircut. Grooming is an important part of ensuring that they stay healthy. If you’ve ever tried to groom your pup at home, you might have run into some trouble- most dogs aren’t fond of getting their nails clipped or ears cleaned, and it must be done right. 

Yes, you read that correctly- pet grooming is so much more than just giving their fur a trim! The process involves keeping their ears and nails in check. This will make sure they don’t cause any health complications in the long run. 

Giving your dog a brush at home is a good way to keep matting and tangling at bay. However, a professional grooming session at the hands of experienced staff is vital to keeping your beloved fur baby clean and healthy. 

Still wondering whether it’s worth it? Without further ado, here are 5 reasons why pet grooming is an important part of your furry friend’s health and well-being. 

1. Health Check 

A groomed pet is a healthy pet! During the grooming process, a professional could run into health complications you never knew your pet had- from ear infections to bad skin conditions. In other words, a grooming session could very well be a health check for your pet. 

Ear Cleaning

Dogs of all breeds are susceptible to ear infections. Ears can be an overlooked part of a dog’s home grooming routine, for different reasons. It could be that you’d think of cleaning their ears as unimportant. It could also be the case that you’ve tried and earned yourself a grumpy pup who refuses to cooperate. 


The fact is, your dog’s ears need to be clean and clear of any infections and fleas/parasites. Doing this at home might also result in cleaning happening too often, which could very well lead to irritation and a myriad of other problems. Leave it to the experts- they’ll know how to keep your dog, and their floppy ears, happy.

Nail Trimming

Unclean and untrimmed nails definitely put us all off- whether it’s on pets or their human counterparts! Your furry friend can have extremely sharp nails which, if not frequently trimmed, can cause serious injury. Not just that, overgrown nails can end up being painful- sometimes even leading to infections in their paws. In extreme cases, overgrown nails can even cause walking disfigurements. 


With grooming, which naturally includes nail trimming, you can reduce your pup’s risk of injury due to overgrown nails. This is particularly important for older pets. Older pets often don’t get enough exercise to naturally wear their nails down. This can lead to ingrown nails and other complications, as mentioned earlier. The bottom line? Don’t risk it! 

2. Prevent Matting

If your dog is of a long-haired breed variety, then you already know the trouble that comes with overgrowth! A pet with untrimmed hair can be in discomfort for a lot of reasons. This includes its hair getting in the way of its vision, having a tick or flea infestation or having their fur clump together in what is known as matting. 


When a dog’s coat isn’t properly brushed, loose hair can become tangled and knotted- wrapping around itself. This can lead to extra weight being put on your pet, which will be difficult for them to manage- particularly if they’re of a smaller breed. 


If your pet has succumbed to matted fur, dealing with that at home can be tricky. Remember that baths often make matters worse; so make sure you put them into the care of professionals for treatment.

3. Control Shedding        

All dog owners know the struggle of having pet fur on every discernible surface of their home. Shedding can be a real problem- whether your breed is long-haired or short-haired. Are you tired of picking fur out of all your favourite clothes? Then a grooming session for your pup might be just what you need. 

This is something that you can DIY at home to make things easier for yourself- with daily brushing and regular baths, you might be able to keep the falling fur at bay. Of course, proper disposal of your pet’s hair can also be a challenge. With a proper grooming session, your pet will have access to professional tools and a caring hand. If your dog’s a big shedder with a thick coat, then a professional might be the best choice to keep their fur in check- but at-home brushing is also important, so make sure to keep at it routinely. 

4. Deflea-ing

In addition to making sure your pet smells nice and looks like something out of a movie, a good grooming session will reduce their chances of contracting ticks and fleas. All dogs encounter fleas or ticks at least once during their lifetime. These critters can be a real nuisance to your pet, making them itchy, uncomfortable and sometimes even leading to infections. 

You can take preventive measures at home too- by regularly inspecting your pup for unwelcome guests. Remember to check between their toes, around their ears and eyes, and under their tail. The pet grooming process is often very helpful in deflea-ing because it’s extensive; any undetectable hiding spots will be found and cleaned. 

With professional grooming comes a thorough check of your pet’s body, allowing the groomer the opportunity to check for unusual lumps and bumps- some of which could be ticks. Prevention is always better than cure, so at-home inspections are pretty important in this case too. 

5. Get Better Care

At PetVet, we believe in taking care of your pup’s health to the best of our ability- and our many years of experience have aided us along the way. Professional groomers often have the tools and experience that you may not have access to at home- as well as an understanding of specific breed requirements. The precision and patience required to have your furry friend taken care of are easier to find at a professional groomer’s because we’re well-equipped for the job.

A lot of dogs might not be comfortable with being groomed- we all know how stubborn our furry friends can be. For it to be done properly, your pet needs tender and loving care along with a thorough grooming experience, and groomers have a good idea of how that should be done. Grooming can often be messy too, and it can be managed better in a professional environment. 


We hope you gained some insight into the importance of grooming your pet! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions and concerns- we’re always happy to help. 

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