Dr Nalinika Obeyesekere

Co-Founder & Director
Brief info

WSAVA One Medicine One Health (2015), WSAVA Animal Welfare (2018) awarded by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association

“The bond between a person and their pet, the love and respect between two very different – yet very similar – species, that friendship can actually create measurable medical benefits; in reducing blood pressure, stress, and bringing about a spike in happiness, I think, is a really vital and beautiful thing.”

A founder and director of PetVet, Dr Obeysekere has had a lifelong love of all animals. As a child accompanying her anthropologist father on field study visits, she would bring home the sick animals she found, whether dogs, birds or rabbits. A pioneer in animal welfare and the effort to improve the quality of companion animal veterinary medicine in Sri Lanka, she ensures PetVet engages in continuous learning and improving of the quality of veterinary medicine and surgery, with a special focus on regular international training. Dr Obeysekere’s veterinary interests are wide ranging, from behaviour and obedience training to feline care and handling as well as standard medical areas such as dermatology.

Dr Obeyesekere has 3 dogs named Ginger, Rhaazi, and Bindu, and her cat Window.

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