Dr Dayani Siriwardane

Head of Veterinary Practice & Surgery
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“What we have is a strong relationship between humans and companion animals which leads to the well-being and health of both parties. In return, we get lots of unconditional love for long periods of our life.”

Dr Siriwardane is the Head of Veterinary Practice and Surgery at PetVet. She joined PetVet in 2000 soon after graduating from the University of Peradeniya, having previously completed part of her internships as an undergraduate at the veterinary clinic. Dr Siriwardane is passionate about animal welfare and was a member of the post-tsunami WSPA/BPT joint project training veterinarians in surgery in 2005 and worked in the post-tsunami rabies control project in the southern coast of Sri Lanka for two years. She regularly publishes on clinical medicine and surgery for the Sri Lanka Veterinary Association and has undergone residential training at both Murdoch University in Australia and the Animal Recovery Centre in Singapore.

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