Preparing Your Cat For a Vet Visit

by Dr Nivethika Uthayakumar

One of the most recurrent questions we hear from cat owners who bring their feline friends to PetVet is probably the most universal: how does one prepare their cat for a visit to the vet’s office?

This requires a little effort on our part as human companions to make the process as stress-free as possible – for the cat, for its human, and for the medical staff at PetVet.

In this video below, I will explain some of the things you can do to prepare your cat before leaving to the vet.

For your convenience, here are the steps I discussed in detail in the video:

1. Buy a cat carrier

This is an important step as it determines how comfortable your cat will be when heading out. We recommend you choose a carriers designed especially for cats – such containers are top-opening, meaning us vets have easier access to the cat.

2. Make the cat comfortable with the carrier

It is essential that your cat has a positive association with the carrier that s/he will be transported in. The process of making them comfortable starts at home. Ensure your cat has plenty of time to investigate the carrier well before his/her first journey in the box. Allow the cat to find surprise treats inside the carrier.

3. Prior to taking to vet

Before placing the cat inside the carrier, place some newspapers to absorb any fluids in case the animal needs to urinate inside. Ensure that you don’t clean these carriers with any strong smelling cleaning agents so there isn’t any unpleasant smells for the cat to have to deal with. Towels and blankets are also a great way of making the

In addition, ensure you furnish all essential documentation and details regarding your cat’s previous medical records as well as dietary information.

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